Installation and Setup

To install fireant, run the following command in the terminal:

pip install fireant

Database Connector add-ons

By default, fireant does not include any database drivers. You can optionally include one or provide your own. The following extra installations will set up fireant with the recommended drivers. fireant may work with additional drivrers, but is untested and requires a custom extension of the fireant.database.Database class (see below).

# Vertica
pip install fireant[vertica]

pip install fireant[mysql]

# PostgreSQL
pip install fireant[postgresql]

# Amazon Redshift
pip install fireant[redshift]

Transformer add-ons

Some transformers have additional dependencies that are not included by default. Include the following extra installations in your requirements.txt file if you intend to use those transformers.

# matplotlib
pip install fireant[matplotlib]