Source code for fireant.queries.reference_helper

import copy
from functools import partial

from fireant.dataset.fields import Field
from fireant.dataset.modifiers import Rollup
from pypika.terms import (
from .field_helper import make_term_for_dimension

[docs]def adapt_for_reference_query(reference_parts, database, dimensions, metrics, filters, references): if reference_parts is None: return dimensions, metrics, filters ref_dimension, time_unit, interval = reference_parts # Unpack rolled up dimensions ref_dimension = ref_dimension.dimension if isinstance(ref_dimension, Rollup) else ref_dimension ref_metrics = _make_reference_metrics(metrics, references[0].reference_type.alias) offset_func = partial(database.date_add, date_part=time_unit, interval=interval) ref_dimensions = _make_reference_dimensions(database, dimensions, ref_dimension, offset_func) ref_filters = _make_reference_filters(filters, ref_dimension, offset_func) return ref_dimensions, ref_metrics, ref_filters
def _make_reference_dimensions(database, dimensions, ref_dimension, offset_func): def replace_reference_dimension(dimension): ref_dimension_copy = copy.copy(dimension) if hasattr(ref_dimension_copy, 'dimension'): ref_dimension_copy.dimension = copy.copy(dimension.dimension) ref_definition = make_term_for_dimension(ref_dimension_copy, database.trunc_date) ref_dimension_copy.definition = offset_func(ref_definition) return ref_dimension_copy return [replace_reference_dimension(dimension) if dimension is ref_dimension else dimension for dimension in dimensions] def _make_reference_metrics(metrics, ref_key): return [Field(metric.alias + '_' + ref_key, metric.definition, label=metric.label, prefix=metric.prefix, suffix=metric.suffix, precision=metric.precision) for metric in metrics] def _make_reference_filters(filters, ref_dimension, offset_func): """ Copies and replaces the reference dimension's definition in all of the filters applied to a slicer query. This is used to shift the dimension filters to fit the reference window. :param filters: :param ref_dimension: :param offset_func: :return: """ offset_ref_dimension_definition = offset_func(ref_dimension.definition) reference_filters = [] for ref_filter in map(copy.deepcopy, filters): ref_filter.definition = _apply_to_term_in_criterion(ref_dimension.definition, offset_ref_dimension_definition, ref_filter.definition) reference_filters.append(ref_filter) return reference_filters def _apply_to_term_in_criterion(target: Term, replacement: Term, criterion: Criterion): """ Finds and replaces a term within a criterion. This is necessary for adapting filters used in reference queries where the reference dimension must be offset by some value. The target term is found inside the criterion and replaced with the replacement. :param target: The target term to replace in the criterion. It will be replaced in all locations within the criterion with the func applied to itself. :param replacement: The replacement for the term. :param criterion: The criterion to replace the term in. :return: A criterion identical to the original criterion arg except with the target term replaced by the replacement arg. """ if isinstance(criterion, ComplexCriterion): criterion.left = _apply_to_term_in_criterion(target, replacement, criterion.left) criterion.right = _apply_to_term_in_criterion(target, replacement, criterion.right) return criterion for attr in ['term', 'left', 'right']: if hasattr(criterion, attr) and str(getattr(criterion, attr)) == str(target): setattr(criterion, attr, replacement) return criterion